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Lunae Signa et Stellas natural perfume

Lunae Signa et Stellas natural perfume

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This natural eau de parfum evokes one of the greatest minds of the renaissance age, Marsilio Ficino and reflects Ficino's thoughts on how aromatics feed the soul. Within its complex beauty one can sense Ficino's own internal landscape of intense platonic love and the desire to help people heal.

Lunae Signa et Stellas is an aromatic rendering of man and place, mind and soul, the beauty of a note on an Orphic lyre playing the world into being. Upon first experiencing this perfume you are brought to a place of precious spices - a hint of golden saffron. The middle register is truly beautiful, a place of rose and the narcotic voluptuousness of a night-scented garden with honeysuckle and jasmine. While a deep woody mysterious base evolves with notes of resin and hay, forest and violets.

For more information on how and why Ficino inspired this perfume read the blog post here.


  • Top notes - precious spices, a hint of golden saffron

  • Middle notes - luscious florals

  • Base notes - resins, hay and forest


When you order

Each bottle of this natural perfume is made to order. Please allow ten days before delivery takes place.

Tester Set

There is an option of purchasing a set of 3 x 2ml Testers (one of each of the perfumes in this collection) .


Directions for use

Apply perfume to pulse points such as the neck and wrists.

Natural perfume behaves quite differently to 'normal' synthetic fragrances which a created to stay on the skin for as long as possible, and so you may find some notes linger and others are more fleeting depending on your own skin chemistry.

Enjoy the process of the natural magic unfolding!

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