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Magnes Hortus Natural Perfume

Magnes Hortus Natural Perfume

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This natural perfume is an evocative aromatic portrait of the extraordinary 16th Century physician and alchemist, Paracelsus

This bold natural perfume captures the essence and spirit of herbs, trees and flowers to create an aromatic portrait that seeks to capture and give spirit to the complex and shimmering brilliance of Paracelsus.

Man, earth, flower star, love, hate, rage and passion, this is a perfume that like Paracelsus himself, speaks out in its own unique way.

Notes of tobacco, tagetes, labdanum and cognac dance with spices and the raw sensuality of dirty, earthy moss and musk. A hint of decadent florals draw down astral forces.

When this is worn on the skin it becomes a heady, aromatic clarion call for a better world. A remembering of the wisdom of working with Nature, not against her.

Read more about why and how Paracelsus inspired this perfume here.



  • Top notes - spices and heat

  • Middle notes- solar herbs all warm and rich

  • Base notes - masculine tobacco



When you order

Each bottle of this natural perfume is made to order. Please allow ten days before delivery takes place.


Tester Set

There is an option of purchasing a set of 3 x 2ml Testers (one of each of the perfumes in this collection) .


Atelier Signatum Naturalis

This collection is where I explore extraordinary individuals through the medium of natural aromatics.



For more information on the Atelier Signatum Naturalis Collection of natural perfume check out the FAQs.

Directions for use

Apply perfume to pulse points such as the neck and wrists.

Natural perfume behaves quite differently to 'normal' synthetic fragrances which a created to stay on the skin for as long as possible, and so you may find some notes linger and others are more fleeting depending on your own skin chemistry.

Enjoy the process of the natural magic unfolding!

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