Created with your wellbeing at heart

Introducing NatFem Botanics – a thoughtfully crafted collection of products created to support beauty and wellbeing during menopause, midlife, and beyond.

Every item at Archeus is made with love and a genuine passion for supporting women through life transitions such as perimenopause and menopause.

The collection includes products for beauty, bodycare, vaginal dryness and general wellbeing.

Vaginal Moisturisers

These products have been formulated to help soothe vaginal and vulval dryness and discomfort. Using traditional processes to infuse organic oils with healing herbs, these products are effective and gentle enough to be used anywhere on the body, making them a great all round offering for your skincare needs.
  • For Pink Ribbon Warriors

    “Super-Soothing balm is totally worth getting especially for your other pink ribbon warriors out there. Natural and perfect for my body as it goes through huge changes. Thank you so much for such a great product.” - Kimberlie

  • I Feel Empowered

    “It is exciting to have products that focus on women’s health and well-being . I feel empowered knowing that the product I am using was prepared with women’s problems in mind. I have since told friends about NatFem Products” -Julie

  • Only One to Give Relief

    "I have tried many medications including prescribed ones and the Nat Fem Soothing Balm is the only one to give relief AND I only have to use it once daily!" -Lorraine

Beauty & Body

These exquisite products are crafted with nourishing and nurturing herbs, botanical extracts, essential oils and absolutes, each carefully selected to help you look and feel fabulous. Just a couple of drops of the serums and a small amount of the balms is all you need for each application.


Support your sense of wellbeing with plant essences and traditional herbal tinctures. Many of the plants are harvested from our own organically grown gardens. We love this connection to nature from the soil to the bottle, and hope that you can feel its magic too.
  • Lovely for sore legs

    "The Aches & Pains oil works very well, so lovely to massage onto sore ankles/legs etc, & it smells beautiful as well, also luv that it’s natural, very happy with this product." - Liz

  • Bliss and Peace

    "I have been using the Night Tincture for over a month and I have been sleeping much better. My mind is more peaceful. I haven’t had the 2 A.M DJ playing the same song on repeat for a while. Bliss" - Julie

  • Natural Beauty

    I love the Ageless Serum, its smell transports me to a forest and my skin just loves it." - Cushla

  • No Nasties

    Archeus products do NOT contain: Steroids, Hormones, Glycerin, Silicones, PEGs, Synthetic Glycols, Parabens, Artificial colours and fragrances.

  • Solar powered

    We use solar power to operate the Archeus Apothecary. All plant material left over from processing is made into compost. We recycle packing materials and reduce waste wherever we can.

  • Giving back

    Every purchase helps us support ecological and women's projects.