Supporting Women's Health

NatFem is proving to be a popular alternative to steroidal and hormone creams and increasingly health professionals including GPs, gynecologists, rheumatologists, naturopaths, and pelvic health physiotherapists are requesting to purchase samples to use and provide women with in clinic. Samples are also available for menopause transition coaches.

We provide clinic samples of NatFem Original Balm for health professionals and menopause coaches to purchase.

Wholesale options are also available if you would like to retail NatFem products.

If interested for your health practice or clinic, you are very welcome to get in touch.

“Thanks for getting these in place, excellent testing option for patients and for therapists to trial.”

- Dr. Melissa Davidson, specialist physiotherapist in pelvic health

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Soothing Symptoms

“I tried many products including Dr's script but nothing relieved the burning stinging sensation around the vaginal area. Saw this product advertised and thrilled to find something that works.”

— NatFem customer

About NatFem Products

Made to soothe vaginal and vulval dryness

NatFem products for vaginal dryness are made from organic and natural oils infused with soothing and healing botanical extracts that have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-itch properties and have been carefully selected to help moisturise, soothe, protect and calm sensitive and tender parts.

There are no hormones, steroids, parabens or glycerin* in these products.

We initially created our Original Balm to help provide relief from menopausal dryness. We made NatFem Original Oil available for those who preferred not to use a product with beeswax in it. Over time, customers and health professionals have told us how they have found it helpful with a range of conditions including vaginal dryness, lichen sclerosus, vulvodynia, post-partum.

In 2022 we created our Super-Soothing Balm which was vegan. In April 2024 we had to make the difficult decision to cease production of this product due to rising costs and complexity.

NatFem Balm was shortlisted for Best New Sexual or Intimate Care Product at the 2022 UK Pure Beauty Awards.

NatFem Original Balm and Oil were created first and foremost to help with everyday comfort, but are also lovely to use as a lubricant for intimacy (but do not use with condoms).

*for information on glycerin and glycols effect on the vaginal and vulval tissue and biome click here.

“Easy to apply - it's now part of my daily moisturising routine - the balm has certainly helped with my itch 'down below' - a massive relief for me.”

  • 1.

    Apply a small amount to an area with a clean finger as often as needed.

  • 2.

    Can be used over vulval and anal area and around the vaginal opening.

  • 3.

    Putting some at the vaginal opening seems to help it get to where it needs to go internally.

  • 4.

    Can be applied to both partners to help with intimacy.

Self Care

“All I can say is that NatFem Balm is as important as my HRTs. I have to have both”

What our customers say

"Works very well in place of estrogen vaginal cream." - Kirsten

“Super-Soothing balm is totally worth getting especially for
your other pink ribbon [breast cancer] warriors out there. Natural and perfect
for my body as it goes through huge changes. Thank you so much for such a great
product.” - Kimberlie

“I have tried many medications including prescribed ones and
the Nat Fem Balm is the only one to give relief AND I only have to use
it once daily!” -Lorraine

“Your NatFem Balm has done a great job for me
so far. I was put on Ovestin and Topical cream for a while but it didn’t do
much for me, so I stopped with that and start using the Balm, symptoms are not
totally gone but much less severe.” - Elisabeth

“A very soothing balm for the most private parts of my body.
I am 72 years old and have suffered from discomfort around that area since
coming out the other side of menopause about 12 years ago. I would highly
recommend this balm to anyone needing help” - Fiona

“Recommended by physio, and balm has exceeded expectations.
Significant improvement in symptoms. And easy to use.” -Karen

“The Cancer journey. Tough. Supporting my 16 year old Son
through it. Gruelling. Numerous side effects from the poison that would
ultimately save his life. Fortunately for us, I was already an avid user of
Georgina’s exquisite Archeus products. NatFem balm was used for cracked,
ulcerated lips and other sensitive body parts requiring soothing following
multiple rounds of chemo. A life saver. – Cushla

“I know this product is chiefly used to ease the symptoms of
menopause, however I am 25 and it was recommended by both my doctor and my
physiotherapist that I try NatFem to ease the pain I was experiencing after a
traumatic birth. I use it regularly and would definitely recommend it.” -

“I was recommended it from my pelvic physio and I use it
daily and couldn’t imagine without it. Thank you for making this product. It’s
a life saver for me.” – Lisa

“Does the job perfectly, applied nightly, used as lube after
hysterectomy and being over 50.” - Bindy

“This is the best product I have ever used for such a
sensitive area” Eirene

NatFem Balm is truly a wonderful product that
I would not do without. Made with only pure ingredients from nature, with love
: ) I’ve used this daily now for many many months. As a post menopause women it
is a “ godsend. Also after a bout of BV I believe using this balm is also
helping to prevent a repeat of this. I love using this beautiful product. Thank
you Georgina, it’s the best : )” – Philippa

“This balm wonderful. Keeping all parts down below
moisturized all day long. It has also taken away the pain and discomfort that
often comes when wiping sensitive skin (from childbirth). I will be re ordering
for sure.” - Ashley

“Absolutely adore this amazing product. I use it every day
and just can’t be without it! Love, love!!” – Carol

“I use this balm daily, wouldn’t want to be without it.” -

“I love this product. It’s so effective and a completely
natural product. Helps so much with sensitive issues. Can’t live without it!” -

“Amazing - changed my life, can’t believe I have done
without for so long. This product needs to be accessible to all women so we are
not continually told by our GPS to use synthetics.” – Niki

“I was prescribed a pessary to be used every night but it
really used to irritate me for the first hour. The super-soothing balm was a
total success - I just applied a thin layer to outside of the pessary and
viola, no more irritation. It didn't compromise the effectiveness of the
medication and I no longer dread the routine. I can't thank you enough for this
wonderful product.” – M

“I suffer with lichen sclerosis. In the gums and around my
vulva. I have flair ups and with urine incontinence, wearing moderate pads, I
find at times I become quite sore and excruciated. I am in my late 60s and find
the balm, very protective and soothing. I use it every day after a shower. I
find the Super-Soothing balm easy to use soothing and protective. I am
extremely glad I found the cream. It works wonders for me by reducing my
discomfort.”– Anon

“I tried many products including Dr's script but nothing
relieved the burning stinging sensation around the vaginal area. Saw this
product advertised and thrilled to find something that works.” - Lorraine

“I consider it an essential item in my bathroom.” – Norma

“I am post menopause and over the last few years had
developed severe vaginal dryness helped along with the development of an
reaction to clothes washing products. NatFem has provided instant relief and
total comfort.” - Avon

NatFem Vaginal Moisturisers