“It is exciting to have products that focus on women’s health and well-being. I feel empowered knowing that the product I am using was prepared with women’s problems in mind. ”

Julie, customer


The NatFem Botanics range is created especially for women through hormonal changes and transitions.

NatFem Botanics Balms and Oils are hormone free, pH neutral and exquisitely formulated with herbs and
botanical extracts to help ease itching, burning and dryness. We love working with the healing power of nature, and every ingredient is selected for its contribution to the efficacy of the product.

Using traditional processes, we slowly infuse selected herbs into certified organic carrier oils. This enables us to capture their beneficial properties and create highly effective products.

  • NatFem Pure Beauty Award Shortlist
  • ICF member badge
  • Premium Skincare Product International Pure Beauty Award Shortlist
  • Sustainable Business Network Finalist