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“It is exciting to have products that focus on women’s health and well-being. I feel empowered knowing that the product I am using was prepared with women’s problems in mind. ”

Julie, customer

Midlife, Menopause & Beyond


The NatFem Botanics range is created especially for women in the menopause and post-menopause phase of life. The collection includes products for beauty, bodycare, vaginal dryness and general wellbeing.

NatFem Botanics Balms and Oils are hormone free, pH neutral and exquisitely formulated with herbs and
botanical extracts to help ease itching, burning and dryness. We love working with the healing power of nature, and every ingredient is selected for its contribution to efficacy of the product.

One of the things that makes NatFem so special, is that we use traditional processes to slowly infuse beneficial properties of selected herbs into certified organic carrier oils. Many of the botanicals we use are grown and processed on site.

As a post-menopausal woman, I believe that true wellness in the menopause transition and beyond, encompasses care for the body, mind and spirit. And so it is that the NatFem Botanics range is complemented by Archeus plant essences and coaching.

Georgina xx
Founder, Formulator and Midlife Coach

Internationally recognised

In 2022, our vegan vaginal moisturiser,
NatFem Super-Soothing Balm, was shortlisted in the UK Pure Beauty Awards for
"Best New Sexual or Intimate Care Product".

  • Intimacy beyond Menopause

    NatFem Balms and NatFem Gentle & Soothing Oil for magic moments.

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  • Soothing support

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  • Beauty is Ageless

    Our exquisite Facial Serum is created for beauty in midlife and beyond.

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The NatFem Range

Combining traditional herbal wisdom with scientific research, we have created a range of natural products and remedies for beauty, body and wellbeing.

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Individual Coaching

Helping you embrace this phase of life

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