Intimate Care... Naturally

With the increasing demand for natural and non-estrogenic products to support women through menopause and beyond, Archeus has developed a vulval and vaginal moisturising cosmetic product using natural oils, butters and waxes.

Available as a vegan balm, our original balm with beeswax, or as an oil, these products are meeting the needs of women wanting a natural and non-estrogenic intimate care option.  Customer reviews and feedback from health professionals show the product to be effective and popular for daily comfort and for intimate moments (as long as condoms are not required because oil makes latex split).

These products are also popular for other skincare uses too.

Which Product Is Right For You?

Here are some tips about which product to use.

NatFem Original balm for vaginal dryness in glass jar

Timeless Favourite

Original Balm was our first vaginal dryness product and remains a true favourite of customers. It is made with botanically infused oils and silky smooth beeswax. It has a shelf life of three years so also is wonderful value for money.

Original Balm (with Beeswax)
Natural botanically infused oil to soothe vaginal dryness

Gentle & Soothing Original Oil

If you don't want to use a product with coconut oil or beeswax in it, then NatFem Original Oil is the product for you. It has all the botanically-infused oils that the balms have, but none of the solid stuff. Packaged in handy 50ml pump bottles this product is easy to apply and can also be used as a massage oil, and as a body and facial moisturiser.

Original Oil

Health Professional or Retail Outlet?

If you are interested in purchasing samples for use in clinic, or would like to stock NatFem Botanics in your retail outlet we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch via the form below.

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