Archeus was born out of a passion for the healing properties of plants, and is guided by Georgina Langdale's expertise in herbalism, aromatherapy, and plant energetics. Since its inception in 2013, Archeus has been an artisanal apothecary dedicated to crafting natural products that enrich the skin, body, and emotional wellbeing of women in midlife and beyond. We recognize the significance of menopause as a pivotal life phase, and it has become a core focus of our work.

The name 'Archeus' harks back to the 16th Century, coined by the visionary Paracelsus. He advocated harnessing the vital force flowing through us, Nature, and the universe—the Archeus—to achieve healing and transformation. This philosophy underpins everything we offer at Archeus, guiding our commitment to human and environmental care.

At Archeus, we wholeheartedly believe in empowering you in menopause and every phase of life by offering products and experiences that nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Our aim is to ensure you feel strengthened, supported, and inspired during your own transformational journey.

Our approach is rooted in the wisdom of generations of women and men, who have long understood the incredible potential of plants and natural methods for enhancing health, beauty, and overall wellbeing. Drawing upon these centuries-old traditions, we have created collections of products meticulously crafted from exquisite natural ingredients.

Georgina, the (happily post-menopausal) woman behind Archeus, not only creates these exceptional products but also shares her wisdom through teaching, writing, and conducting workshops. Her guidance empowers individuals to gracefully navigate life's changes, enabling them to thrive in midlife and beyond.

"To heal we must work with the Archeus, the vital force that flows through us, nature and the universe"

Paracelsus 1493-1541

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  • ICF member badge
  • Good magazine award
  • Premium Skincare Product International Pure Beauty Award Shortlist
  • Peta cruelty free
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    Archeus products are made from the finest natural ingredients we can source. Most of the ingredients are certified organic. Many ingredients are growing organically in the Archeus gardens. All waste plant material we use in the apothecary is returned to the earth as compost.

  • From this earth

    All Archeus plant essences and elixirs are made from plants in our gardens and local surrounds.
    A number of the NatFem Botanics range include ingredients harvested from our gardens.

  • Treading lightly

    We try to keep our packaging as eco-friendly as possible and our impacts on nature are considered in every business decision we make.

    The Archeus Apothecary runs on solar power.

About Georgina

As a healer, herbalist, soul guide and ecotherapist, Georgina is passionate about helping women through life transitions, and menopause is a big one!

As women we’ve been made to feel that the menopause transition is an ending, but I think that it is an invitation to step into a deeper kind of power. I think that if we accept its call, midlife can be incredibly liberating. But it does come with physical and emotional changes and at Archeus I develop and make natural products to help support women through that.

I also offer courses, coaching and workshops. Information on these can be found at

I have trained in a range of disciplines including herbalism, reiki, shamanic healing, aromatherapy, spiritual mentoring and end of life care. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation ICF, the Climate Change Coaching Alliance, International End-of-Life Doula Association. Demand for my own teaching work is growing internationally.

Nature in all its myriad forms, and my own lived experience of menopause and other life transitions have been the greatest teachers of all.

Before I created Archeus I worked for organisations including the United Nations Environment Programme, Kew Gardens and I ran a cultural communications agency in London.

“Georgina is genuinely gifted and in a deep integral connection with nature and all her beings. Her healing energy shines through.”


supporting ecological restoration projects

Supporting others

Archeus is a small business with a big heart and each year we do what we can to give funds to support ecological and women’s projects. Every purchase made on our website helps make this happen.

This has included giving funds and helping out in working bee's at the Argyll East primary school. Those kids are true eco warriors!

We have donated to the Kew Gardens Millennium Seed Bank Project and Robert McGowan's Tiwaiwaka Project.

We also donate to Womens Refuge.