Supporting women through the menopause transition

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Thanks so much for visiting NatFem. I've created this page for Wendy Sweet's My Menopause Transformation members.  I'm delighted to have you here and I hope I can help you.

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Vaginal Moisturisers

  • So Glad I Found It!

    Best ever! I’ve been trying all sorts of lotions and potions and none of them can compare with this lovely product. So glad I found it😊. - Trish

  • Thrilled to Discover NatFem

    So thrilled to discover NatFem's so soothing & healing. Absolutely thrilled with it - such a lovingly made product with wonderful ingredients. Thank you ! - Arianna

  • Helped Fragile Skin

    Love this product...It instantly cleared up fragile [ genital] skin & has stopped it from breaking down again -would highly recommend it for women of menopausal age... - Sonia

  • NatFem Pure Beauty Award Shortlist
  • ICF member badge
  • Good magazine award
  • Premium Skincare Product International Pure Beauty Award Shortlist
  • Peta cruelty free
  • Sustainable Business Network Finalist

The NatFem Botanics Collection

  • Calendula Handcrafted plant essences flower remedies


    Archeus products are made from the finest natural ingredients we can source. Most of the ingredients are certified organic. Many ingredients are growing organically in the Archeus gardens. All waste plant material we use in the apothecary is returned to the earth as compost.

  • From this earth

    All Archeus plant essences and elixirs are made from plants in our gardens and local surrounds.
    A number of the NatFem Botanics range include ingredients harvested from our gardens.

  • Treading lightly

    We try to keep our packaging as eco-friendly as possible and our impacts on nature are considered in every business decision we make.

    The Archeus Apothecary runs on solar power.