A Peek at Process

A Peek at Process

Women ask me how come NatFem Balm (Super-Soothing and Original and NatFem Oil) is so darn good. I say, "well its because I use traditional processes to slowly infuse the base oil with healing herbs."
Sure. But what does that actually look like?
I'm in the apothecary today filtering another 30 litres or so of the infusion I make, so that I can get making some more balm, and I thought I'd take a photo to show you what happens when the infusion is done.
On the RIGHT is some certified organic sunflower oil. I love using this as it has a long shelf life, is quite light and also is very good in terms of hypoallergenic factors. It is a lovely clear creamy golden colour.
On the LEFT is oil from the same batch of sunflower, but I have added dried herbs to it and let it slowly infuse over the past 10 days.
See the difference in the colour!?
That beautiful dark green is just burst with goodness like anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-itch properties that just help NatFem Balm and Oil be something rather special.
Also - all my other products such as Ageless Beauty Serum and Tingle Balm are made using this same process (but different herbs).
Oh and the herb material? Well once filtered that all goes out into green waste for composting.
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