NatFem Super-Soothing Balm shortlisted for UK Award

NatFem Super-Soothing Balm shortlisted for UK Award

Whoop! Whoop! NatFem has been recognized with a nomination for Best New Intimate Care Product at the 2022 Pure Beauty Awards London.


The new Super-Soothing Balm which I launched in February this year has been selected as a finalist for Best New Sexual or Intimate Care Product.

It’s such great encouragement to be nominated for these awards. I have customers around the world who tell me how much NatFem helps them, but there’s also nothing quite like international award recognition to remind one that even as a small artisan business here in Hawke’s Bay, you can be making an impact on the global stage.

As you probably well know, one of the least talked about changes that can occur as woman go through menopause is vaginal dryness, yet it affects most women at some stage. This isn’t just an issue that impacts intimacy, it can have a major effect on everyday life, and it is the latter that I was particularly interested in trying to help women with.

Time flies and it was back in 2016  that a woman came to me asking if I could make something to help with dryness that was so bad it was painful even when walking. It was important that the product did not include any ingredients that could further irritate delicate tissue and biota (like the dreaded glycerin and glycols which is found in most water-based lubricants), and that the product felt ‘comfortable on the skin’ for everyday use. The fact that it could also be used for intimacy was an added bonus.

I did extensive research and developing and trialing different formulations that drew on my deep knowledge of the traditional uses and therapeutic benefits of a wide range of plants, finally combining key oils, extracts and herbs into a silky, smooth salve and started selling it online as NatFem [Original] Balm in 2017.

In February this year I extended the NatFem range with Super-Soothing Balm, a new vegan option (does not contain beeswax), plus natural products for beauty and wellbeing, all aimed at mature skin and the ups and downs of menopause. I absolutely love these products and especially that many are made with medicinal plants growing organically in my gardens.

The Pure Beauty Awards are looking for fab new products that have been released over the past 12 months and so it is the Super-Soothing Balm that has been shortlisted in the 2022 Pure Beauty Awards London.

 What are people saying about NatFem?

“Worth every penny. I'm in love with this balm! I am post-menopausal and that brings all sorts of challenges - the most irritating of all, vaginal dryness. This balm was made in heaven! It relieves dryness within, as well as of the surrounding skin. I recommend this highly.”

“This balm is awesome! I'm on my second jar as It's soothing, preventative and healing. It doesn't contain any nasties that can derail a delicate system as various creams have done for me in the past.”

“I am a Practice Nurse and do a lot of cervical smears and I often have conversations around dry vaginas.  Thank you for your awesome product – I will continue to recommend it.”

“Two words… “Multiple. Orgasms”.  Thank you!”

 Other award recognition for Archeus:

I launched my natural skincare business Archeus back in December 2013. It's always just been me developing and making all the products, filling orders, answering emails, doing the washing up and along the way these are the awards I've been shortlisted for or won (which makes me start to realise I must be doing something right!)

  • Best New Sexual or Intimate Care Product – 2022 Pure Beauty Awards London

  • Best New Premium Skincare Product – 2018 Pure Beauty Global Awards

  • Best New Natural Product – 2015 Pure Beauty Awards UK

  • Finalist – Sustainability Champion – 2015 New Zealand Sustainable Business Network

  • Beauty Industry Winner – Good Magazine Awards 2018

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