Nature & the Midlife Woman

Nature & the Midlife Woman

In this week’s episode of The Soul Garden, I share with you some background on why I set up my business Archeus (ten years ago!), some of my thoughts on how I work with Nature to help and support women in midlife and all the changes and transitions it brings from menopause, to changing relationships, caring for ageing parents, and all the grief and joy, living and dying of life.

I think of everything I do as earth medicine for the midlife woman and it is informed by touching oneness in a childhood event, discovering the wisdom of ancients, working with the healing power of plants, understanding the physiology of menopause and wanting to offer ways of supporting body, mind and spirit.


I wanted Archeus to be an embodiment of an approach to life that resonates with ancient ideas of health and wellbeing being seen in the contact of our relationship with nature. spirit and cosmos, yet is also responding to the needs of life today in this complex and changing world.
Beauty on Eden
Niki Bezzant - This Changes Everything

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Always so lovely to listen to you, and the wisdom you share.
Many of us daughters come back ‘home’ to be here for aging parents, I certainly resonated with your thoughts and experience.
My father was in hospital recently and had an emergency operation and I realised even he at 89, and my mother almost 90, that I’m not ready for them to die. Hmmm – some self work to do there!
Gosh, what a powerful poem 😊


Hi Georgina, really enjoyed listening to your Soul Garden recording. What you do is amazing and very inspiring.
Thank you for sharing as it is very inspirational at a time in life when things can feel a little overwhelming with being a parent and supporting aging parents.
Katie x


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