Nettle is a powerhouse of Goddess goodness

Nettle is a powerhouse of Goddess goodness

Vaginal Dryness is such a big issue, but one that is seldom talked about. In fact I think we've almost been conditioned to fear menopause and to keep quiet about it, but thankfully that is changing.

The reality is around 50% of women will experience vaginal dryness. We made NatFem balm to help with this problem and its lovely soothing goodness is bursting with herbs that help nourish, strengthen and heal the vagina and vulval area.

Here at Archeus our approach to beauty, health and well-being is centred around our relationship with the natural world and really digging deep into traditional and contemporary knowledge about the healing power of nature.

When we start to see the spices in our pantry, the herbs, vegetables and flowers in our garden, the weeds and trees on our walks as powerful healers, the way we manage our physical, emotional and spiritual life can change dramatically. This can help us so much in everyday life, and especially as we navigate transitions like menopause.

Here are some tried and tested natural remedies to support vaginal health.



Reduce - coffee, alcohol and sugary drinks but drink lots of fluids! Water is the stuff of life and so drink as much of it as you can.

Want to try some other things that are highly regarded as traditional remedies for women with vaginal dryness?

Nettle (Urtica dioica) is a wonder herb for women! It is a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins and we absolutely love it. You can get nettle at good health shops.

A Nettle infusion drunk several times a week works wonders for moistening and reducing irritation throughout the body, including our vagina.

I make a strong brew of Nettle infusion and keep it in the fridge to use when I need it. You can sweeten it with honey, and you can add other herbs to the brew as well like calendula, and lemon balm. I also add dried nettle to casseroles and lovely slow cook meals.

In herbal medicine there is a saying 'like cures like', and nettle really is a great example of that. When it stings us it hurts and its hot and stingy and itchy. But when nettle is prepared as a food, an infusion, a macerated oil or a tincture it works wonders for things like hot irritated skin, stressed adrenals and sore joints. It helps stabilise blood sugars, helps reduce fatigue and is a valuable nutrient for healthy bones.

Other things to try:

Barley water  – cook two cups of lightly pearled barley in 10 cups of water for two hours. Strain and sweeten to taste.

Rice water – boil a small handful of rice in two cups of water to make a thin broth. Drink the broth freely.

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