Nurturing our inner and outer worlds

Nurturing our inner and outer worlds

The Archeus ethos revolves around the idea that health and wellbeing is a multi-dimensional, holistic and interrelated concept. Nothing happens in isolation. Everything is connected.


In midlife our connections with the world around start to take on new resonance and meaning. We find ourselves become more aware of endings and beginnings. We start to consider how we are able to care for others. We can find ourselves questioning who we are and what we wish life to look life from here on in.

We each have the ability to decide how we approach life transitions and how we treat ourselves and others as we navigate life and all it reveals to us. The offerings here at Archeus are all designed to help you nurture body, mind and spirit in a holistic way so that you can feel empowered, supported and inspired to make the most of this time of life.

As a woman in my mid-fifties I fully understand how the menopause transition can be a real game changer. Even in my own experience I realise that often it is not until we have passed through the menopause, that we look back and see just how significant it was, and how big its impact was on our life.

Finally, it seems that society is starting to let us talk about this stuff, yet in these early days of being able to talk about it, much of the emphasis is placed on the physical symptoms of menopause. In their complexity and variation, keep the discourse in a trope of treatment and affliction. As a woman in midlife myself, I want to help counter that. I want to help shift the dial to something that looks at menopausal health and wellbeing in a more holistic way. To put it bluntly, we are so much more than a hot flush or dry vagina! That is why here at Archeus, while offering products that can help with various symptoms, we also acknowledge the impact, and the opportunity, of this time of life on emotions, spirit and soul.

Just by virtue of age and time, we can be dealing with a whole host of other things at the same time as navigating menopause.

Here at Archeus our philosophy revolves around the idea that health and wellbeing is a multi-dimensional, holistic and interrelated concept.

In midlife, we can find ourselves sandwiched between generations, caring for kids and caring for ageing parents. We can be at the height of our careers yet wondering if this is all there is. We can be busy being strong for everyone else, but not taking time to look after ourselves. We start to know more people who are ill or dying. And as they pass, we start to recognise that death is both a natural and inevitable part of life.

In the Archeus apothecary the NatFem Botanics collection has been created to support body, beauty, mind and spirit. We don’t just see a woman as a collection of physical symptoms we see her as a whole person dealing with the whole of life. And to be honest, we think this is something beautiful, even in the messed up and stressed out moments that we all can experience.

This is why Archeus products are complemented with training, talks, workshops and individual guidance. We understand though that the majority of our customers first come to Archeus because of their search for high quality natural alternatives to body and skincare through hormonal shifts and changes. While menopause is a key focus for most Archeus customers, illness, medical treatment such as chemo are also common in the stories we hear.

In making each and every Archeus product real attention is paid to the ingredients selected and the overall composition of each product formula. The finest ingredients are sourced, and many are grown organically and harvested in the Archeus gardens. Waste plant materials left over from the traditional processes we use such as low heat maceration, is composted and returned to the earth. Ancient wisdom is combined with contemporary research and understanding of the physiological changes that occur in various life transitions, menopause of course being a key focus.

Life transitions can be challenging. They are not always easy, but they can teach us so, so much

Life transitions can be challenging. They are not always easy, but they can teach us so, so much. Menopause is in its own way, a threshold that marks the entry into a new and rich phase of life. Instead of something to be feared, here at Archeus the menopause transition is something that is celebrated.

There is a power that lies beyond menopause and within the panorama of midlife. Who are you? Are you doing the things that make your soul sing? Do you find yourself wondering what potential is yet to be unlocked within you? Are you curious about learning some new skills that help you really step into your power and deepen your ability to love yourself and others even more fully and even through the tough stuff?

I hope that you find things here at Archeus that inspire and delight you. Things that will help you with physical symptoms, with feeling beautiful (because you are beautiful) and that nourish your emotional and spiritual life.

Finally I’d like to mention a key influence on my life and work, and she is a woman in the 12th Century called Hildegard of Bingen. Hildegard was an extraordinary Abbess, artist, healer and mystic. She wrote that humanity would experience a ‘Period of Forgetting’, in which we would become disconnected from each other, from nature and from a sense of the spirit, the vital force that flows through all things. She said that until we came back into right relationship with nature and spirit there would be natural catastrophes, fire, flood, hurricanes, thick polluted air that would make us ill, and that cities would start to sink under the waters. I think she describes the times we are in now. and so I want to be part of the bringing in of ‘The Age of Remembering’. Here at Archeus everything we do is to be part of helping us remember and revitalise these connections and the sense of compassion, wellbeing and health we can derive from them.

I look forward to connecting with you through these offerings and I hope they help or inspire you.

Georgina xxx

Me in my happy place by the creek at the farm I grew up on.

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