Explore the Menopause Mind-Body Connection

Explore the Menopause Mind-Body Connection

The mind body connection is a key part of our health and well-being as we navigate the menopause transition. Menopause isn't just about the physical symptoms that we experience like hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue and vaginal dryness. Menopause is also about how we feel about who we are and how we are showing up for this crazy thing we have called life.

Hormonal changes during the menopause transition can have a significant impact on our emotional well-being. Often it isn't until we look back at perimenopause that we realise just how affected our emotional life was by the hormonal changes that were taking place.

Initially I developed the NatFem Botanics collection to help women with physical symptoms of menopause. But we are not just physical symptoms. We are emotional beings too. That is why I looked at the remedies I could create that can play a part in supporting emotional well-being. This includes the Meno-mind plant essence elixir blend and the herbal tinctures I have available.

But what else? What about how we nourish and nurture our inner world? I see this as a central part of a holistic approach to navigating the menopause transition.

How do we use menopause and midlife as an invitation to nourish and nurture our inner world?

I was speaking to a woman the other day and she said that when she got to menopause, she really found herself thinking, “what do I want this next phase of my life to look like?” In asking herself that question she embarked on a journey of deep discoveries of her own sense of being. She identified her purpose and her calling and set about enriching her inner world with knowledge and experience to fulfil that sense of her true self.

Archeus is not just about beautiful natural products to help with changes and symptoms, it is about supporting the development of purpose and true self. It's about mind body and spirit.


I was talking with a journalist recently. She was asking me about the work I did and my approach to it. After a while she said, “what you do is help women nurture their inner world.” I found myself smiling at her comment because my menopause transition led me a on huge road of discovery of my own and while there have been moments of profound sadness along with joy, it has been incredibly empowering. And that is what I want to be able to help you do too.

Take this moment in life to nourish and nurture yourself because you are an extraordinary and unique individual. Let your light shine!

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