Welcome, I’m Georgina, the founder of Archeus

Welcome, I’m Georgina, the founder of Archeus

Hi, I'm Georgina Langdale and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and welcome you to Archeus.


I have a real passion for working with the healing power of plants and nature. I started my business Archeus back in 2013 after moving from Europe to NZ to care for my ageing parents.

I previously had a career that included working for the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew and for The United Nations Environment Programme on a study called TEEB. I was also on the judging panel for an international environmental prize. You could say that working with nature was well and truly in my DNA.

My private passion has always been about how we work with nature for our physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. An early childhood experience had opened me up to the way nature can help us heal, and so over time I trained in a range of modalities including herbalism, massage therapy, reiki and coaching. Not to mention environmental science and sustainable development. Returning to New Zealand seemed like an opportunity to do something more with this and turn it into a way of helping others.

I set up Archeus with the intent of treading lightly on this earth as possible so that I was supporting both environmental and human health. Over the years Archeus has given me opportunities to develop all sorts of different natural products. All of them have been in response to customers and clients coming to me with requests for help. I'm in my mid 50s now and so it seems only natural that helping women through the menopause transition resonates with my own life experience and business direction.

I'm really proud to say that a number of my products have been shortlisted in international awards and I have received recognition for work I've done to support people through life transitions, either through products I make, or coaching and courses I offer.

I'm also interested in how we nourish and nurture our interior world; our emotional and spiritual well-being and I think that nature, and our connection to it, can play a huge part in all of that. So, I have another website as well georginalangdale.com and over there is where I offer courses and coaching and occasionally workshops too. And I now also have a writing outlet through a platform called Substack, and so if you can follow me there by signing up here (please note I am not charging for subscriptions to my writing).

When I'm not working in the Archeus apothecary, you can often find me pottering around in my cottagey garden, enjoying beautiful fresh vegetables from my husband's amazing veggie garden, doting on my gorgeous dog, or dreaming up some other creative endeavour.

If you have any questions about any of the products I make, or other offerings I make, do drop me an email and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Warmest wishes,


Georgina xx

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