The Atelier Signatum Collection

Enhance your sense of wellbeing with our meticulously crafted perfume made from natural resins, absolutes, and aromatics. Our Atelier Signatum collection of natural perfume pays homage to three extraordinary healers and mystics of the past millennia. We invite you to immerse yourself in the soothing and invigorating scents that will elevate your mood and stimulate your senses.

Available in: 40ml bottle, 15ml bottle and Tester sets of all three perfumes (2ml each)

  • Magnes Hortus

    The 15th Century alchemist Paracelsus, wrote extensively about the idea of the Doctrine of Signatures, suggesting that the way a plant grows, its shape, colour, habitat, scent, texture and seasonal patterns can provide clues as to its affinity with the human body and mind and how we might use it in medicine.

    Inspired by this extraordinary man, notes of tobacco, tagetes, labdanum and cognac dance with spices and the raw sensuality of dirty, earthy moss and musk. Meanwhile a hint of decadent florals draws down life-affirming astral forces.

    When worn on the skin, Magnes Hortus becomes a heady, aromatic clarion call for a better world. A remembering of the wisdom of working with Nature, not against her.

  • Divina Essentia

    Inspired by the 12th Century abbess and mystic Hildegard of Bingen who deeply explored the spiritual and healing connections we have with the divine essence of nature.

    With sensual floral notes, herbal expressions and the anchoring aspects of trees, Divina Essentia notes include a fleeting sensation of citrus and heliotrope and sage which combine to lead one further into the garden of delights. The middle notes of this perfume are exquisitely green with a warm floral sweetness, like walking in the gardens at Hildegard's abbey in early summer. While the base notes remind us of those cloistered walls with a hint of smoke and incense and the damp, deep green of oakmoss.

  • Lunae Signa et Stellas

    Marsilio Ficino inspired many creative minds of the Italian Renaissance. Artists, scholars and alchemists studied at his feet.

    Lunae Signa et Stellas is a study of how Ficino believed aromatics feed the soul. This perfume is an aromatic portrait of Ficino and also the planets, plants and places that were medicine for his soul.

    Upon first experiencing this perfume you are brought to a place of precious spices - a hint of golden saffron. The middle register is truly beautiful, a place of rose and the narcotic voluptuousness of a night-scented garden with honeysuckle and jasmine. While a deep woody mysterious base evolves with notes of resin and hay, forest and violets.

  • Inspired by the artistic process

    Archeus perfumes are lovingly created by Georgina Langdale. In the manner of any artwork, these perfumes take time to build and perfect. A brushstroke on canvas, a droplet of spice or flower, these are all artists' tools.

  • Exquisite ingredients

    We only use the finest natural materials to make our perfumes. These include absolutes, resins, tinctures and aged extracts. Each wondrous in its own aromatic way.

  • Small batch production

    Some of the ingredients we use are as precious as jewels and so we only make small batches of each perfume to ensure this is sustainable in every sense of the word.